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    Bodyscans Testimonials


When my husband Gene had his kidney failure, I heard about a person who was tested on the BodyScan with amazing results. I went with Gene when he was scanned and, although I had no particular health challenges, I decided to be tested also. It was more of a curiosity thing for me.

For some years now I have been taking medication for a hypoactive thyroid. I havenít been ready to treat it homeopathically, but did decide to take homeopathic remedies to detox. I didnít notice any major changes in my body, but I wonder if I would have been worse off had I not been taking the homeopathic remedies. My husbandís illness was a great stress for me.
The things you can learn about your body are just amazing. Also the flower essences and how they are used for emotional balance were like a bolt of lightning to me. The BodyScan was right on with that.

Gene and I were so impressed with the BodyScan that we got nine more people here in Houston to be tested. The BodyScan definitely has a place alongside of AMA medicine.


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