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Biosyntonic Relaxation Table By Pierre Nicolas

My research in physics and biophysics led me to create materials that have reference to natural physics. The microcrystalline materials behave like a tuning fork and restore disturbed functions caused by de-referenced natural referentials.

The evolution, development and utilization of the techniques and technologies made it possible to create the polarized microcrystalline materials. It also allowed us to show the fundamental difference between natural and contemporary physics and to developed techniques and technologies for optimizing well-being. This technology has an important impact on the quality of health, nutrition and the environment.

One of the strongest points of this research reveals the importance of natural referential of the local and cosmic fields of life. The local fields include the magnetic fields of earth and the cosmic fields include the cosmic radiations sunrays and others. These natural referentials playa vital role in the functions and biorhythms of biological systems. The contemporary electromagnetic pollution masks the natural referentials. This happens when man made electromagnetic sinus waves give misinformation to biological receptors and by changing the form (information) of natural waves which are vortex shape when the are heavily mixed with them. This change the original natural information to misinformation which acts in biological system similarly to corrupted computer files or computer virus on the hard drive. This causes disruption in the normal function in our body and all other biological systems.

This creates unimaginable consequences on the main biological functions and generates many of the problems of our civilization. In natural and holistic medicine we do not try to eliminate the first evidence or manifestation of symptoms but rather go to the source of the phenomena. Therefore, natural healers refer to the to the contemporary morphogenesjs which has introduced into biological systems man made electromagnetic pollution which introduces obvious deviations from natural referentials. These are the seeds of pathologies of maladies of the future.

All navigators, in the sea, air and space are aware of parameters, which modify their course such as wind, marine or air currents. The calculation of the deviation and their correction in essential if one wants to reach his or her destination.

By not taking in account these parameters, contemporary science takes hostage the people of the Earth which behave like the passengers of the Titanic. Unless we reinstate the concept of natural reference, a biological catastrophe is foreseeable and may be inevitable.

The value of the terrestrial magnetic field varies constantly. This parameter is well known and has been recognized to play an evident role in terms of health, nutrition, and natural rhythms. In addition to the value of this field, it has been shown to be variable on the surface of the planet. It is this property that is one of the keys of the biodiversity. Therapies by electromagnetic field, magnets or artificial electricity, modifies the biological frames of reference and initializes deviations, which are the genetic seeds of future diseases.

The materials of Terr de Lys@ take into consideration these natural and dynamic parameters and in their action avoid the deterioration of biological system. Any modification of the natural electric, magnetic or electromagnetic properties, by contemporary man made pollution causes serious deterioration in physical and mental health of

man and his environment. These unforeseen interferences are potentially more dangerous, because they are not readily detectable when they effect the man and the environment.

In old civilizations, medicine was practiced in temples. However, the temples are "High Places", built in magnetic places suitable for restoring the deficient natural functions. The natural/sacred architecture constitutes a key to the optimization of the biological reception of natural reference. They amplify natural resonance and beneficial energies, which in return enhances the body's natural ability to self-heal.

When natural waves are generated according to the laws of natural physics, they have the ability to release energy in natural environments, i.e. transmit inforamtion to living systems. The organization of the biological receptors is optimized and results in the elimination of chaos, bringing improved function of biological systems. In natural medicine we can use this property to restores defective functions, and by doing so we optimize the wellbeing on the physical, mental, emotional level and psychic level. This is the role Biosyntony plays in natural self healing.


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Biosyntonie - Welcome to the largest naturopathic web site in the world, with Dr. David Cohen,   N.D., Ph.D., M.H., C.N.C.
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