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Success Shortcuts - Challenging 'Impossibilities'

Impossibilities are given more weight than they deserve and most often by people who do not choose to pursue excellence. That adds a premium to the perceived value and valor in those who take on the impossible... ...or what is perceived by many to be impossibilities, the Paradigm Of Big Success invites you to revisit at least one or two of the things in your own life that remain unaccomplished because of alleged impossibilities.

Impossibilities are, for the most part, features and functions directly opposite to, antithetical to, the Paradigm Of Big Success. That is because the Paradigm Of Big Success proves again and again that impossibilities are indisputably reversible.

Impossibilities are cancelled out by the effective use of shortcuts, and it's worth repeating many times. Impossibilities are often reversible, cancelled out by the greatest shortcuts.

Considering the frequency with which too many of us comport ourselves as sheeple do, never or rarely ever demonstrating the best they can, the few who take on what is perceived by most to be impossibilities stand out even more. Most men do not dare to ask the most gorgeous women for a date, and that's why the few who do end up with far greater success. It's not magic, and it's not even art. It is nothing less than the science of success, the recipe for the cookies that is immediately duplicable by YOU.

Instead of placing your focus on why you cannot, use the same exact brain energy, happier brain energy at that, to list ways to get it done.

When you recognize this in advance, the finality and apparent immovability of that obstacle, "IMPOSSIBILE!" -- weakens in strength.

When we recognize that impossiblities are indisputably reversible, cancelled by the use of effective shortcuts, the size of the word shrinks, the enormity of the concepts we all associate with putative impossibilities is no longer a size too great for us to manage. This is power for you to tap into at any time, and not least because the majority of people merely lack capacity... or desire... to face up to a word as influential as "impossibilities."

Do you remember back when you were a youngster, and your parents, a relative, or perhaps a favorite elderly neighbor told you, "Nothing is impossible when you set your mind to it?"