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True rara aves-- All members of Who's Who Worldwide Registry, largest executive club ever created

If there's any iota of doubt of Who's Who Worldwide Registry and
Who's Who Executive Club being the largest executive membership in history,
take a look at the continuing list of members of the Who's Who Worldwide Executive club.

What a phenomenal group of extraordinary human beings

  • 1,446 Ph.d’s

  • 441 Full Professors, including Professors at Harvard Univ., Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard Medical School; such as Dr Philip Alderson, Professor & Chairman, Dept Of Radiology/Columbia Presbyterian/Columbia Univ; Professor Michel L. Garenne Ph.D, Professor at Harvard University, Eben Alexander, Professor Of Neurosurgery at Harvard Medical School Brigham & Women’s Hospital, who, like Dr Garenne, TEACHES doctors and surgeons at one of America’s finest facilities, and many many hundreds of others who have personified excellence in their chosen fields of service; 14 assistant professors; 56 Associate professors

  • 212 members holding the title "Chairman of the Board"

  • 4346 CEO’s - Chief Executive Officers, from Hilton and Amex to Goodwill and Coca Cola

  • 19 Chairmen of the Board of Banks, such as Carnegie,  Morodny,   Republic Nat'l,  AmEx

  • The Executive Vice Presidents of MAJOR banks, ie:
  • Dr.Sunil F Antani MBNA America
    John H Blair, Natwest Securities Corporation NY
    Mark S Finston, Daiwa America Corporation NY
    Don Holder, First Southern Savings Bank SSB NC
    Russell G Muter, Bancorp New Jersey Inc NJ
    Ronald A Schachtner, Commercial Bancshares Inc TX

26,755 Company and Corporation Presidents

673 Executive Vice Presidents such as Citibank, US Trust Co, Southwest Airlines, JP Morgan Company, Sterling Optical, United States Guaranty Corp, Young & Rubicam, Nations Bank, BlueCross/Blue Shield, Paine Webber…

2,015 MBA’s !!!

2,570 medical doctors, such as:President Reagan’s physician; an attending physician of Congress, others who rank at the top from Harvard Medical School, Yale Professors of Brain Science, top-echelon neurosurgeons, and so many other of our best role models. Every one of them a one-or-more-time member of Who's Who Worldwide, and the incredible Who's Who Worldwide Executive Club.   However, Reed Elsevier, which owns Lexis Nexus, Martindale-Hubbel, and so many other corporate crown jewels, didn't like this.

You see, Reed Elsevier also owns many of America's 1,700+ Who's Who organizations, including Who's Who of America, which used to be the big kahuna of Who's Who organizations.

Then WWW came along. Whew! Look on the internet, you'll find THOUSANDS of individuals who include their Who's Who Worldwide acceptance and membership on their curriculum vitae and resumes, and lists of accomplishments. Rightfully so. they've earned by doing.

54,000 members were or are in the top three ranks of corporate or institutional life in the U.S.

Another 17,000 have achieved uncommon success in their fields, in the game of Life. It is true that some few hundred possibly less-worthy people slipped through the cracks and got in. As for a few unscrupulous salespeople at WWW, they were promptly fired, amongst the hundreds who worked at Who's Who Worldwide during seven years of unprecedented growth. Interestingly, not one of those unscrupulous people were prosecuted, only five of the best employees who conducted their business with integrity, excellence, and enthusiasm, which explains how they produced high-quality and high quantity results.

Georgette Mosbacher; a foreign Prime Minister; NYSE Director Anton; Stanley Shmiskiss, who founded the American Cancer Society; John Leonis, chairman of Litton Industries; Serge Abecassis, cutting edge entrepeneur, the brilliant Professor Alexander at Harvard Medical, and so many other leaders of our nation, our generation, all of them ripped from their memberships at Who's Who Worldwide because of the greed, cunning, and astonishing aversion to ethics that clearly pervaded Reed Elsevier's upper management.

Whereas Marquis Who's Who had an impressive list of nearly 12,000 listees, Who's Who Worldwide Registry came along, offering an active membership, the world's most advanced cd-rom technology, membership advantages, camera-ready artwork of the WWW Registry logo, press release templates, discounts, Tribute Magazine, and other benefits of networking and membership in this exclusive club which became the world's largest.

Hasn't this historically unique group of those who individually count as a rara avis earned an explanation why millions of their tax dollars were spent destroying the largest organization of its type that's ever been created? they earned their way into these memberships, and obviously used and enjoyed their benefits, since 40,000 and more members renewed and/or upgraded their memberships over the years! How is a competing organzation, which owns hundreds of the largest legal, financial, and scientific publications in America and overseas, allowed to purchase the closure of a legitimate, twenty-million dollar per year membership?

Years after the membership is shuttered by the government through Reed Elsevier's focused direction and directive, the cd still remains a rare and valuable resource; still being used by members lucky enough, whoops, SMART enough, to have made use of them.

We say "whoops" because of a quote from one of the members, a true leader of his generation, named Sumner Redstone, the amazing and world-renowned Chairman of the Board of Viacom. When asked what he attributed his success to, he said, "Luck." Presented with a doubtful response, he explained, "Luck, young man, provided you understand that 'luck' is acronymic for "Laboring Under Correct Knowledge."

Would it be fair to say that the man who wrote a billion-dollar check to buy Paramount Movie Studios (their President is also a WWW member) is a good horse from whose mouth we all learn? If we're not getting it from the horse's mouth, maybe we're getting too much information from the wrong end of the horse, hm? A year or so after joining WWW, Mr. Redstone purchased Blockbuster Video for a reported eight billion dollars. His profile in the WWW Tribute Magazine, sent to 72,000 members, was filled with useful tidbits and techniques for how he went from zero to hero. Throughout the many pages of this unusual magazine were similar articles and profiles from others of the best stripes of American life.

Blackmail in the jury room

When several jurors mouthed literally tearful apologies to defendants and defense counsel after the end of trial, it became clear that jurors had been demonstrably usurped of their authority and lawful obligations, and distinctly against their will.

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