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QRA is only one of many master secrets of the universe for YOU to empower yourself with

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The best part about two eyes for one mouth is twice the usage and yield.
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Imitating those who do it best is one of the top ten shortcuts of human time.
Doing more with two hands rather than one can multiply your skill levels, yes?
See how all waste so many thousands of minutes - opportunities - we cannot get back.
The role models and champions of history speak directly to your "getting" this.
Thousands of minutes you retake control of will repay you thousands of times.
Make the time to stop each lucky day you get. Top five items of YOUR day.

Master secrets of the Universe? Reject instant opinion, you get wiser!
Cease forming opinions until after you test the facts being claimed.
Most of your opinions, most of those of every human on the plant,
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Someone we trusted gave us THEIR opinion, we accepted it.

Trading back even one of every ten pettily-spent minutes:
This is another master secret of the universe for YOU.

The only opinions we glean benefits from are opinions of who does it more and better.
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The Psychology of Longevity is the ultimate in self-empowerment, from your Godfather of EyeCandy, for You 
These are proven shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the known shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
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Mister-Shortcut.US       MisterShortcut.US       MrShortcut.US       Mr-Shortcut.US       Shorcuts.US       Success-Shortcuts.US

Shapelink.US       Shapelinks.US       Shapetalk.US

Excellence has never been known to be caused or accomplished by accident. Win on purpose!
Identify a deadline, because that transmogrifies a dream into a goal: A basic deadline.

Divide your goal into 8 or 89 or 233 pieces: Little bites are more digestible, true?
Identify the humans and organizations in a position to help you achieve your goal.
Before you estimate a truly substantial likelihood of attaining this prime goal,
remember we must always have a strong enough WHY to find the HOW

Fibnacci.US       Fibnacci.wprk

These inclusions of Fibonacci by virtue of inserting Fibonacci numbers here and there just may help!
The Psychology of Longevity encourages you to both learn about Fibonacci, and to use Fibonacci.
Never form opinions on new information until you have examined and made use of that info.
How's this for freaky? Reading this little bit of Shapetalk one hundred times is a shortcut.
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The Psychology of Longevity is the rich condensation of the best of all teachers,
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masters and millionaires, great champions and uninheriting billionaires.
Stop pretending to know more. It stops your wisdom from emerging.
Whatever you want most, ask for it thousands of times this year.
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There is success, and there are excuses for lack of it.
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Erasing Starvation, Easing Hunger With Psychology of Shortcuts

If you recognize that the earth's residents are not treating each other particularly well,
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Selfish benefit is your best reason for helping the helpless.
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Hunger and Poverty:
Let's end starvation
Live the Psychology of Longevity
Help others to live stronger longer
BE Your Psychology of Shortcuts
Giving Means Getting

Feed Hungry in Brazil

Food for Poland

Feed Veterans With A Click! -- Now!

Polish Hunger Site (Click the tummy)

TheHungerSite - one click, one life saved

Donate Rice (Click Answers)

Donate 7 Days of Water

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The Child Health Site

Kid's Hospital In Mexico - Click button on left

Help Prevent Teen Suicide

Give Free Books Literacy Site

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DonateDog Food

Meals for Dogs

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Donate Cat Food

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Psychology of Longevity Horsie - (Spanish Language)

Naturopathic doctor David Cohen has long hosted YOUR healthiest websites,
dedicated to YOU healing naturally with naturopathic medicine and approaches.
What you know will always take a distant second place to what you DO with it all.

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QRA - The Most PROVABLY Accurate One-Second Test For Energy - Learn For Life!
If you wish to pretend that you know more, feel free. OR, learn more and you will!
INSTANTLY increase your intelligence each time you use this one-second test

If you do not know how to do the one-second energy test, your life is incomplete.
More vitally to your interests, your knowledge of life and health is incomplete.
From or many other QRA websites, you can learn this easy test.

It only takes a few seconds to learn, even for children. Use it for life.
The more you learn, the wiser your decisions certainly tend to be, hm?

If you have not done the test, your opinion is not licit!
Based on medically-patented BDORT, precision is exquisite.
Every food and beverage, mammal, and device... is testable!
ONE SECOND to see if that item makes you weak or strong,
ONE SECOND to see if it will deliver benefit or deficit to you.

The Doctor David Cohen Path urges you to learn more, so you can live more.
Of all that is shared within the Doctor David Cohen Path and many sister sites,
you'll have a hard time finding a tool more useful, for life, than the energy test.
EVERYTHING you see can be assessed for its energy levels, and their effect on you.
If you, for example, point to your fusebox with the first finger (index) of your left hand,
while someone gently pries your thumb and finger apart before and after you point to fusebox,
you will see: While you are pointing to fusebox, refrigerator, or any other significant electrical device,

You can like or dislike the realities of this test, but do you want to be near what makes you weak?,,,
these are just some of the many great QRA websites you can get more information from, freely, naturally.
Learn more, that you might live more, or at least increase your probabilities of a better and greater longevity.

Doctor after doctor gets to the point of making that big choice: continue with patent remedies, or, safer natural remedies?
At what stage in this decision-making process do you observe your current medical practitioner finding himself or herself in?

For a rational person, a medical doctor's reliance on chemical or organic answers should be thought-provoking. It's life, not a game.

With hundreds of thousands of people dying in America every year from medical and hospital error (and/or neglect), it's a life-and-death issue.
The advent and growth of naturopathic technologies means that naturopathic doctors get to earn even higher marks than medical doctors. Research!

You certainly cannot learn less about anything! Even three new facts per day about YOUR NARROW HEALTH INTEREST, whatever issue interests YOU most,
this is the answer for your own best possible health, this is the pathway, the surest route to your enjoying the best possible health: Being your own doctor.

From PhotonGenius and Bodyscan, Ondamed, Zyto, Hyperphysics, and so much more,
bioenergetic medicine serves us far, FAR more safely than allopathic ways.

The primary message here?     Simple: Learn more, that you might live more.
It is challenging to imagine there being a better doctor for you ... ... than you.

The Doctor David Cohen Path notes that naturopathic doctors tend to have much, MUCH higher rates of success.
Without a shadow of doubt, "Death By Medicine" and many other documents show the top causes of death in the U.S.A.
If the fact that up to 16 or so patients appear to be getting injured, sickened, or killed BY MEDICAL ERROR does not scare you,
then it is suggested that your education is urgently in need of updating, because iatrogenia is the #1 cause of death in the U.S.A.

Skilled naturopaths such as David Cohen, when properly trained and motivated with integrity and sincere desire to serve,
prove able to help you to help yourself with infinitely wiser advice, more so because naturopaths repudiate Rx drugs.
There ARE exquisitely rare occasions where a prescription drug appears to be immediately and definitely needed.
In fact, for people who already ARE taking prescription medicines, sometimes stopping them is a threat to life!

In such cases, it is vitally important to titrate off of meds WITH the participation and guidance of your MD.
Whether you call David Cohen, America's best naturopathic doctor, with decades of success behind him,
or find a good local naturopathic practitioner to help you help yourself, we feel natural ways are wiser.

SuperchargedLasers - world's first and only guaranteed clean-energy lasers

Above and beyond all the advice offered here, you are urged to learn. Become your own best doctor
David Cohen's specialty as a naturopathic practitioner is teaching people to be their own best doctors.
Learn more, that you might live more, maybe even give more ... ... naturally.

Health Index

Precious, proven knowledge is presented here at your healthiest website
Dr Cohen, America's greatest naturopathic doctor
Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC

For those who determine to live longer, and better... ... faster:
Air, water, never-heated oil, greens, minerals, probiotics, and laughter.
THESE are the superfoods that keep us younger, healthier, more flexible.
We can learn from the horse's mouth... or from the wrong end of the horse.

Teaching yourself how to do the one-second energy test (,, etc.) is WISE,
because you can instantly see, for the rest of your life, freely, what makes you test weak or strong.
If you can hold your thumb & finger tightly, and then suddenly CANNOT when a food is brought close to you,
do you really want to actually put that substance INSIDE of you? Learn! THINK!!

QRA Appointments are recommended by the Doctor David Cohen Path - Help YOURSELF!

There is a world of amazing power when you learn to do QRA testing yourself. Make an appointment with any of about a thousand QRA practitioners nationwide!
The idea is to use your time with them to learn more, so you can take it hoe with you!

Learn more, that you might live more!
Save even more money by buying good-quality shilajit, etc., for old-fashioned mudpacking.
Both medical doctors and naturopathic doctors conduct QRA appointments these days,
and use of mudpacking along with QRA is among the healthiest decisions of your life.
It is entirely to your advantage to learn more, so that you might live more, naturally.
QRA appointments have proven to be genuine game-changers for many humans.
Your opinions are 100% worthless until you personally experience QRA testing.
As our wiser precedents taught us well, "Learn more so you can live more."

Core Principles Of The Paradigm Of Big Success Assure Repayment
When You Alleviate Hunger and Starvation, ESPECIALLY In Kids

Paradigm Of Big Success EyeCandy

If you knew better, you would do better. The Paradigm Of Big Success imitates those who do.
Cease forming opinions before thinking. If your opinion was right, you would be a master now.

Use of the Doctor David Cohen Path and Paradigm Of Big Success virtually assures your mastery.
From today, remember to imitate masters, and THEN innovate with your knowledge and experience.
Trading just one of every ten chatty, petty minutes for ONE minute of your greatest thinking profits you.
The best opinions you can benefit from are opinions of those who have repeatedly out-succeeded the rest.
The Paradigm Of Big Success is YOUR journey of self-empowerment, with YOUR Godfather of EyeCandy, etc.
Employ the great shortcuts of masters and millionaires, great shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
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Much of the Paradigm Of Big Success is based on secrets of masters and millionaires.
Mimicking the actions of masters and millionaires, we tend to imitate their results.
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Get it first from the mouth of the horse, imitate, & THEN might you innovate.
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Focusing On Your Best Success Moves Becomes Habit - It's Already Within You

As well, the Paradigm Of Big Success serves to help you to help yourself, via self-empowering shortcuts.
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The Paradigm Of Big Success is about imitating the shortcuts of masters, millionaires, champions, billionaires.
Universal shortcuts, called PowerGems at the Paradigm Of Big Success and Doctor David Cohen Path, help you.
Specifically, they help you to help yourself, which puts you in a better position to help the TRULY helpless.
Newton's 3rd law of physics teaches us that what you do comes back to you, as it is for all of us humans.

So, engaging the universal shortcuts, the effective PowerGems of the Paradigm Of Big Success, you win.
The Paradigm Of Big Success and Doctor David Cohen Path are gifts of MisterShortcut, for and to you.
Kindly engage them to help yourself, then reach out to help more of the world's poor helpless.

"Poor helpless" has more than one meaning. Here's to hoping you intercept at least one.
Universal shortcuts are a magnificent path towards winning, your kind of total winning.

Winning On Purpose - Of COURSE There Are Easy Shortcuts   - Look For People Already Doing It 
Suggestions of the Paradigm Of Big Success Regarding Success, Hunger Eradication, and magic secrets.

Excellence is not known to happen by accident, so, win intentionally.
Find more within yourself, and such rich, uncountable assets you now have access to.
Live YOUR Doctor David Cohen Path and Paradigm Of Big Success using what you have.

Every day you waste is filled with minutes - opportunities - you cannot get back.
Conversely, each day that you fill with moments to remember, you need no refund.
Thus, living with excellence is a choice, one that you will find happens WITH PURPOSE.
Take the time to stop every single day to enumerate clearly the top five items of the day.
That's a high-speed approach to grabbing the Paradigm Of Big Success with both hands, hm?
Intentionally improving by ONE percent all that you need to repeat proves YOUR master secret.

Engage even a few great shortcuts to accelerate your mastery, and life rapidly reciprocates.
Alleviating hunger, MOST ESPECIALLY in starving children, is among YOUR best and fastest shortcuts.    Try it.
Put this to the test! Belief in these master secrets is not required at all: Proof supercedes belief!

Find helpless people or animals, and help them. The more anonymously you give, the more you get back.
How could you consider forming an opinion about anything you have not yet displayed any expertise in?
Our first and best step when we identify what we are determined to excel at is to identify true masters.
Once we imitate their steps, even their attitudes and words and questions and statements, WATCH!
Watch and see as each of us who uses this masterful formula imitates the results, or nearly so.
World records, broken-shattered countless numbers of times. Heed a voice of experience.
Most anything you ever master, or intend to, already has champions, true, or not?
Identify who does it best. Imitate what they do most often, imitate their results.
You get to choose who you imitate, just as you choose what you will master

Until you imitate their results, opinions mean naught.
Use this high-speed master secret of your universe.
Magic results in one to twenty-one days for 99% of humans.
What you know is second to what you do with what you know.
Helping the helpless incurs great profits of Newton's Third Law!
Acknolwedge an axiom of life: If you knew better, you'd do better, hm?

Take back your precious minutes. Plan your daily hours in advance.
Imitate masters. Help the helpless. See what happens to YOUR profit.

Erasing Starvation, Easing Hunger With Donations Of Other People!

Helping to erase starvation, a purely preventable disease of greed, you will win.

Without wishing to engage in ad hominem, can you know better than those DOING better?
Look at those living their own Paradigm Of Big Success and Doctor David Cohen Path.
They win on purpose by imitating the best of the rest of us, and THEN innovating on it.
Are you sharp enough to note the richness of universal shortcuts in this Shapetalk?
Raise your IQ, rapidly, by merely hand-writing all of them, in your own words, repeatedly.
Before looking for new resources, first squeeze more from the brains and assets you possess.
Paradigm Of Big Success foundations and fundamentals are aimed at YOUR rapid and total winning.

Is this the best natural health website ever created?

Someone was heard to call this the world's healthiest website.
We wouldn't be offended if you think so, too.

This naturopathic health site, or, to be more precise,
these naturopathically-inclined websites are filled with fantastic information on herbal medicine, naturopathic approaches to health.
Natural and drug-free healing; Longevity ;   curing yourself of all manner of diseases,
including cancer and liver disease, kidney disease and skin problems such as psoriasis and so many other health conditions.

As well, plenty of shortcuts to better health, longer and happier living.
Because 1,000,000 of the web pages directly linked to the Paradigm Of Big Success were
designed and created by MrShortcut personally,
The Paradigm Of Big Success is now a part of what was already the largest web site - In the world,
let alone by a single pair of hands,
The Paradigm Of Big Success of Masters and Millionaires.
More than one million unique pages, all here for your life,
compliments of Dr. David Cohen, and the amazing MisterShortcut.

 Copyright © by MisterShortcut who roundly supports New York Bodyscan
as a healthy alternative to invasive factors of medicine.

The Paradigm Of Big Success
Bodyscans and Naturopathic Medicine
the healthiest web site on the internet

These sites were designed, naturally, using the high-powered,
most successful shortcuts of masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires.
You'll find a stunning assortment of eyecandy and brain candy on many hundreds of thousands of pagesdesigned and created by MrShortcut.

"Eyecandy" speaks for itself, as does "brain candy." We hope you'll enjoy, and immediately prosper from these magnificent shortcuts of our most successful role models.

Bodyscan is the most advanced galvanic skin resistance AND most advanced biofeedback information-gathering device created thus far. Your precise sensitivities to 16,000 substances, toxins, organs for you to learn about in a matter of minutes

Using galvanic skin response, it measures energy levels in tissue and organs.
The Bodyscan looks with exquisite precision at just what is in balance and out of balance within your body.

Up to 72 substances per second.     No drugs.   No surgery.   No needles.
Just ageless wisdom combined advanced technology. All natural. All for you.
Dr. David Cohen enjoys expertise in no less than six separate disciplines of naturopathic medicine, from Bodyscanning or QXCI, Rife technology, or Infratonic pain relief... to homeopathic remedies, ayurvedic, Nutri-Spec, and so much more. Using more than thirty years of research and inordinately successful results, Dr. Cohen is simply adding timeless, ageless, effective wisdom, and getting better answers using exciting methods and equipment availed to us thanks to the speed of development of modern technology.

From Ayurvedic Medicine and oxygen therapy,
to acoustic cardiographs and herbal medicine,
here is your opportunity to live longer and better.

Shortcuts !!

Ageless wisdom combined with advanced technology

The healthiest web site ever built is dedicated to increasing YOUR knowledge about natural healing. Healing naturally is actually easier and faster than most synthetic medicine approaches, also known as allopathic medicine.

The fact is, naturopathic and homeopathic medicine, most effective when based on knowledge and experience,
is a considerably healthier alternative to most of the practices involved in allopathic, or drug-based, medicine.
Truthfully, isn't pharmaceutical medicine the true "alternative treatment?" Natural treatment is the natural treatment, true, or not?

The top doctors around the world we most admire usually do NOT have a great deal of money, do they?
Top doctors are those who are most effective at helping people to help themselves, to heal themselves... naturally.

The Path of Better Longevity recognizes naturopathy as a discipline, for those inclined to help their own bodies, in a manner that is better, healthier, non-invasive, drug-free, and, ultimately, more effectively than most physicians are willing to admit.

Whether we like or dislike it, it is clear to a duck that, for any given majority of doctors, it is indeed all about the allure of the lucre For proof, look at your doctor's bank account. This is no dedicated healer, pal; it's a rich individual who's gotten rich from human pain, suffering, bleeding, and worse.

This IS literally the world's healthiest website and health network, spanning millions of free pages,
treating with the medically-oriented subjects of Ayurvedic Medicine, bodyscan, BodyScan,pain relief,
acoustic cardiograph, BodyScan2010, Rife technology, Paradigm Of Big Success, living longer better,acoustic cardiograph,
oxygen therapy,
chiropractic alternatives, living healthier longer.

Using herbal medicine, homeopathic remedies and naturopathic medicines, ayurveda and Ayurvedic Medicine, Dr Cohen promotes healing naturally.

Additional equipment and approaches that Dr. Cohen is expert in the use of includes electro-meridian imaging, herbal cures, Phazx Bodyscan2010, natural healing, pain relief, healing naturally, Paradigm Of Big Success, oil of oregano, naturopathy, mineral infrared therapy, oxygen therapy,Bodyscan, oxygen therapy, Dr David Cohen, the Phazx BodyScan2010 is a true bodyscan. Dr David Cohen, America's best naturopathic doctor,

Healing naturally with BodyScan and the many tools of naturopathy, because Dr. David Cohen, easily counted among the top doctors in natural medicine today, may well be the best naturopathic doctor in the world.

Welcome to YOUR healthiest website, where learning more is the action to fulfill the intention of living more,
thanks in no small way to the generosity of David Cohen, ND, Phd, MH, CNC,
one of the world's top doctors in natural medicine, particularly for QRA, Bodyscan, Ondamed, PhotonGenius, Zyto, Megabeams, and more.

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Educational Courses: Offer educational programs, workshops, and lectures on various aspects of Judaism and culture.

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Perhaps wise for us to keep them in the community. ווערסטעהען?
Yes, 4 to 5 digits in most cases ... thus hugely discounted ... most all cases.
There are countless ways to help you to help yourself naturally. Studying the best of the best is a great passion for some of us.
Come learn why David Cohen, naturopathic doctor extraordinaire, is counted as one of the greatest doctors on earth.